Shayar Youssef


Hello, my name is Shayar Youssef, a Junior Project Coordinator at Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) – Jordan Office. I am working on human rights and educational projects. By advancing liberal thinking through civic and social education, restructuring the traditional learning tactics, using innovative means. As for human rights, I aim to voice human rights in Jordan, while promoting equal rights for all – prevailing individual rights and civil liberties to emphasize human dignity. 

In February of 2020, I attended the Innovation Lab seminar at the International Academy for Leadership in Gummersbach, Germany. FNF is a creative platform for innovation, with the aim of enhancing the values of liberalism worldwide. This seminar explored the concept of innovation – ranging from the individual to the organization. Highlighting how the individual innovativeness translates into the context of a team to strengthen skills to manage a process of change, discomfort, and disruption in the team. Through several methods to implement real-life case studies, we, the participants were a step closer to establishing the right mindset to trigger innovation. As there is no recipe for innovation; it is a lengthy process, starting with the mindset.

Apart from the seminar program itself, a week in the Theodor Heuss Academy, the unique learning experience sparked both my professional and personal life. Being in a place with people from all over the world, different cultures, backgrounds, interests, and personalities – yet sharing similar values – and learning from each one of them. I can proudly say that I made very good friends in just a few days!