Reem Khashman


My name is Reem Khashman, I work as a coordinator of the Industrial Links and International Cooperation office at Al Hussein Technical University. Beside my work at the University I am a political activist in Jordan, passionate about organizing youth and women to fight for their rights. Currently, I am a teaching fellow at Leadership, Organizing, and Action course at Harvard Kennedey School, and aco-management team member in a youth hub in Amman aims to enable youth political participation. I am also a former member of a political party in Jordan, and co-organizer of the youth in the party to have a voice in the party. 

Being part of an innovative technical university enabled me in empowering youth – especially females- from all over Jordan to get access to a qualified technical education, who chose the technical pathway by supporting the development and implementation a quality apprenticeship model in Jordan. 

I participated at the innovation lab in September and it was the first time that IAF run this programme. It was a transformative experience for me on many different levels, first the programme introduced me to innovative tools and ideas to facilitate the trainings I usually conduct in my campaigns and projects. The programme brought a different dimension of innovation from projects to fostering innovation in the public policies, political parties and well as the private sector. 

In compliance to my work at HTU, the programme inspired me on the educational system and policies should be developed to keep up with the new measures of the industrial revolution. Thus after coming back from the programme I was keen on transferring the knowledge to fellow colleagues whether at the University or in the volunteering groups I work with.