Our Work

FNF MENA project has always played a pivotal role in the foundation’s work abroad. We are operating in the region since more than 5 decades, where the first program was kicked off in Tunisia in the year 1964 focusing on the training of journalists.

We believe that democracy is the key to deliver freedom, and thus we cooperate with our partners in this heterogeneous region in order to define liberal solutions, and thus to build or reform systems of democracy with a functioning market-oriented economies that provide more opportunities for individuals.

The Regional Office covers almost every country in the region from Atlantic to Gulf, however we are actively coordinating our work in 5 project offices, including: Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Morocco.The MENA project office has been located in Cairo, Egypt for since its establishment, and is now operating from Amman, Jordan.

In our endeavor to support our liberal-minded partners across the region to carry out their missions, we work with political parties, civic society organizations, citizen’s initiatives, and think tanks. Our focal points in our project are:

  • Networking of Arab Liberal Parties

  • Promoting Human Rights

  • Advocating Economic Freedom 

Arab Liberal Federation General Assembly