Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus

Feature10.05.2020Hend Shaheen

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused an unpredictable lockdown of every aspect of life, in ways we have never seen before. It has disrupted the daily lives of individuals, businesses, politics, and institutions alike, while testing the limits of healthcare systems all around the world.

While the COVID-19 crisis has imposed both, tangible and intangible challenges to our everyday lives, it is quickly becoming a remarkable opportunity to drive positive change in our communities for individuals and institutions. With the situation at hand, the wheels of development should not be hindered or slowed by lockdowns and curfews in a world that is normally driven by digitalization and innovation.

Thus, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Amman Desk, in cooperation with its Alumni, the Freedom Café members, and Shabab42 decided to think beyond this crisis and examine and discuss the opportunities, tools, and mechanisms that can bring solutions to the challenges this virus is imposing on a global level. 

In times of a complete lockdown and curfew in Jordan, FNF and her partners provide a platform for our Jordanian audience to meet, discuss and brainstorm economic, political and social challenges in a series of online discussion sessions entitled “Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus”. 

Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus - Episode I: Digital Economy with Guest Speaker Mr. Nidal Bitar

With the paralysis in the global market economy due to the current COVID19 pandemic and the current social distancing measures in place to contain the virus from spreading, many schools, universities and companies, have to introduced online studying platforms and work-from-home initiatives. This has proven the productivity and the possibility of extraordinary forms of teaching and working. 

This has also indicated that the global economy could change drastically as an outcome of the current crisis. Our quarantine-lifestyle imposes a new horizon of options for us to address as we face new challenges and find news ways to continue carrying out our jobs. On this account, it can be envisioned that the world economic mechanisms will adapt new rules for a Digital Economy. Learn more about our first webinar by watching it here:

Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus - Episode II: "Parliament and Elections in Time of Corona - Who Cares?" with Guest Speakers Mr. Kais Zayadin and Dr. Rula Alhroob

As announced by His Majesty King Abdullah II earlier this year, the parliamentary elections were scheduled to take place this summer. However, the ongoing consequences of the coronavirus outbreak could lead to the possible postponement of the elections. 

In attempt to envision the possible opportunities for political, economic, and social challenges, our second Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus Webinar was designed to examine the current plans and roles of active policy makers as well as potential candidates to the parliamentary elections. The webinar aimed to question the need for more innovation in the political work of current and potential parliamentarians, putting forward ideas and steps to improve the mechanisms of political campaigning and policy making in Jordan. Learn more about our second webinar by watching it here:

Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus - Episode III: "Shabab Have a Say: Health vs Economy in Times of Corona" with Guest Speakers Abdallah Abdoh, Haytham Tawalbeh, Rand Al-Khushman, Mohammad Al Zou'bi 

Our third webinar looked at our youth group, Shabab42's perspectives concerning whether we should focus on health and the prevention of the spread of the pandemic or whether we should turn the focus to economic development in order to avoid a post-corona economic crisis. Learn more about our third webinar by watching it here: