New Steps in Enhancing Social and Economic Performance of SMEs in Jordan

Policy Paper
SMEs Conference 2018 ESC

The Economic and Social Council in cooperation with Jordan Chamber of Industry with the support of Friedreich Naumann Foundation for Freedom held the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Conference, entitled “Towards a New Economic model: Enhancing the role of SMEs as motives of economic and social development” on December 11 to 12, 2018.

The conference was held to come out with a clear vision for the advancement of the SMEs sector by reviewing the new methods, the successful international experiences, and the ability of implementing them in Jordan to reach a new economic model to support and enhance the role of these enterprises, that considered as one of the main motives of economic development.

In general, the conference succeeded in identifying the main steps that can be taken to advance the role of SMEs in a supportive economic model based on the ability of creating job opportunities and providing distinctive services reflected on the work environment of these enterprises.

This document is considered as a major output of the SMEs conference as it includes, the outstanding ideas and conclusions resulted from the conference, to come out with the most important topics and pillars of a new economic model that embraces SMEs capable of gathering talents and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship along with a number of recommendations necessary to promote the SME sector."