The Liberal Manifesto 2017

What does it mean for us to be Liberals?
Liberal Manifesto MENA

After a launching conference in Oxford in 2015, meetings of the Drafting Committee in Berlin, Taipei, New York and Marrakesh in 2016, two rounds of addenda and corrections by national liberal parties in the first quarter of 2017, discussions at a final conference in Oxford on 10 April 2017, a subsequent review and editing by John Lord Alderdice, and a final review by the president of Liberal International Juli Minoves, we, Liberals of the World assembled in Congress of Liberal International  in May 2017 in Andorra, have adopted this Manifesto.


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  • Our Vision: Human Progress in a Free World

  • Our Challenge: New Rising Threats to Freedom

  • Our Response: Opportunities for Everyone, Progress for All

And in view of these principles and the challenges of today and the future, we Liberals call on others to work with us as we strive to:

  1. Promote equal rights for all, and defend human rights worldwide
  2. Strengthen democratic institutions, the rule of law and civil society
  3. Defend freedom of information, expression, and the media and the right to privacy
  4. Foster, extend and promote education
  5. Deliver best access to health care for illness and disability
  6. Secure sustainability of global growth
  7. Promote technological advances and fight abuses
  8. Support trade and investment
  9. Support controlled migration
  10. Strengthen international peace and cooperation

With this new Manifesto, we Liberals reaffirm the principles of the 1947 Oxford Manifesto and refine them for the times in which we live, by stating what as Liberals we believe, and what we are committed to do, to make our world a better, freer, more prosperous, generous and sustainable place for the family of humankind.