Internships at FNF MENA

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The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Middle East and North Africa offers internships to qualified young, liberal-minded individuals. Our interns participate in all activities of the Foundation and have their own responsibilities and work assignments. An internship at the FNF Regional Office is a good opportunity to get first-hand experience in an international political organization.

Qualifications of Applicants:
• Graduate or Undergraduate Students 
• Preferred academic disciplines are: Political Science, Communications, History, Economics, Islamic Studies, Oriental Studies, Sociology or International Law 
• Proven interest in politics, civil society, economics and culture of MENA Region 
• A special interest in liberal politics and political communication
• Basic or advanced knowledge of Arabic is desired, yet not required 
• Excellent command of the English language (in speaking and writing) is obligatory 
• Highly developed ability to work autonomously and self-dependently 
• High level of flexibility in the intercultural dialogue
• Advanced presentation skills and an affinity for social media

Application Requirements:
• Curriculum Vitae 
• Motivation Letter (Please explain why you are interested in the internship, what makes you a strong candidate, and what your expectations of the internship are) 
• Academic Transcript from University listing grades as well as courses taken 
• Time of the internship: Internships can take place throughout the whole year. They should last three months minimum.

You may apply by sending these documents by e-mail to the Regional Director, Mr. Dirk Kunze, at All documents should be in English.

Basic information on the internship at the FNF Regional Office in Amman:
• FNF is an organization for civic education. It is not an educative body.
• The FNF MENA office strives to integrate the intern in the daily working routine.
• The internship with FNF is a voluntary service, and FNF will not be able to provide you with any salary for the duration of the internship. However, a small monthly expense allowance will be arranged.
• The intern is required to write a report evaluating her/his internship at the end of the internship.
• FNF will provide you with a certificate documenting your internship (upon request).
• Working hours are Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. In individual cases, this can be arranged otherwise, if necessary.

Available services for interns at our office:
• Excellent working conditions (individual working place, PC, access to the internet, etc). The entire office infrastructure is at your disposal. 
• Access to local and international events in Amman (or in Jordan) related to the mission and work of FNF, whether organized by FNF or other organizations. 
• Contacts to local and international partners of FNF, in Jordan and on a regional and international scale. 

Our expectations:
• Willingness to assist in all fields of our everyday organizational work especially with focus on our work in external communication 
• Creativity and competence in handling our social media channels 
• Ability to carry out research and to write reports 
• Cooperation in organizing FNF events (conferences, seminars, workshops, round-tables, discussions, visiting programs, etc.) 
• Comply with all necessary visa and residence formalities for the duration of the internship 

Health Insurance:
FNF MENA is not in the position to provide the intern with a health insurance during the internship. We therefore strongly recommend making necessary arrangements, i.e. signing health/accident insurance which covers the return to the home country in case of emergency, prior to the commencement of the internship. Proof of such insurance needs to be presented before beginning the internship.

FNF MENA is not in the position to provide the intern with a visa during the internship. We therefore strongly recommend making necessary arrangements prior to the commencement of the internship. 

Meet our previous interns: