The future of the Arab European Cooperation – New Perspectives

Dr. Hassan Abbyaba Succeeds Dr. Mahmoud al-Alayli in ALF
News30.04.2018Hend Shaheen
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While the liberal consensus undergoes rising threats from various sides globally, such conditions create an urge for liberals of the world to gather and brainstorm solutions to the challenges facing them today. Liberals in the Arab region and in Europe face many common problems starting from terrorism, illegal migration and the rising trends of extremism, challenging liberal values like tolerance, individual freedom and responsibility or peaceful conflict resolution.

A two-day platform held in Amman earlier this month for Arab and European liberals tackling the ‘Cooperation between the Arab World and Europe from Liberal Political and Economic Perspectives’ to address these and other challenges was provided by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom along with VVD International, Free Thought Forum (Jordan), and the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF). Challenges and prospects in the fields of migration, education, scientific research and job opportunities were brought to the discussion tables which paid off recommendations that may shape the road to intensify the Arab-Euro cooperation in the future.

The gathering also witnessed the election of Dr. Hassan Abbyaba (Morocco) as the President of ALF and Khaled Nsouli (Lebanon) as its Secretary General. With the Kuwait Liberal Society, a new observing member organization joined ALF during its General Assembly, which aimed at brainstorming new approaches to bring more Arab liberals to its forum.

Hend Shaheen

Hend Shaheen

Regional Communications and Outreach Officer