A Crisis for All - A Chance for Everyone


Inspired by the German Campaign #JetztMutMachen (#CourageNow) FNF in the MENA Region wants to approach the effects and situation caused by COVID-19 with an open mind to connect hope with innovative creativity. Everywhere in the region initiatives, that see this epochal change as an opportunity, grow. Let's look forward with them and seize the moment. What are the potentials? How can situations on the ground be turned around to get stronger and better? What initiatives need support and which spark other ideas?

Now is the time to inspire the technological transformation of traditional sectors, completely new markets could open and develop and transform traditional industries. Now is the time to encourage engaged individuals, to provide food for thought, to stimulate discussions and to promote proactive efforts on initiatives that focus on the following areas: Health Policy - Entrepreneurship - Democracy - Human Rights - Education - Economy - Culture 

In order to create a sustainable environment that allows for the rise of new ideas, #Chance4Everyone initiatives can be either Policy Recommendations, applied Initiatives or Research Projects.



Communication - Jordanian Dream Essay Writing Competition (Jordan): We are all familiar with the “American Dream”. Is there something tailored to our local context? Is there a “Jordanian Dream”? Let us not just dream about it, let us be specific - shape this “Jordanian Dream” yourself! Paint a picture with your words: How does the “Jordanian Dream” look like for you personally?

Innovation in Politics - MENA on the Map (Regional): is a weekly political affairs series, featuring in-depth conversations with academics, political activists, and influencers on issues and trends affecting the dynamic region of Middle East and North Africa from geopolitics, conflicts, humanitarian crisises to technonology, innovative approaches, and creative inititiatives to cope with the regional and global changes.

Economy - Companies in Crisis (Jordan): an online series to highlight the solutions that local startups and small businesses in Jordan are providing for the community, as well as solutions to the problems Jordanian society currently faces and how the private sector and potential entrepreneurs can contribute in finding a solution for them.

Education - Liberal Library (Jordan): with Jordan under a curfew due to the COVID-19 crisis, youth now have no other option but to spend their time at home in front of the television or their smartphones. Therefore, the Liberal Library is going to provide liberal content to everyone at home, through an online platform where liberal books and texts are available for free. Netflix is fun and a great way to spend free time, but so is the Liberal Library.

Entrepreneurship - Lebanon Health Hack (Lebanon): together with partners and friends of the Foundation, the objective of FNF Lebanon and Syria's hackathon is to work out solutions to the corona crisis, especially with regard to generating more medical equipment and supplies to support the local community. 

Digital Dialogue - Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus (Jordan): through a series of online Webinars, FNF and her partners provide a virtual platform for Jordanian audience to meet, discuss and brainstorm economic, political and social opportunities, and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges brought by the outbreak of coronavirus crisis.

Entrepreneurship - Hasoub Coronahack (Jerusalem): FNF Jerusalem's partner 'Hasoub' called creative and innovative minds from their community, Israel’s Arab entrepreneurs, to compete in the frame of a virtual hackathon to find solutions for challenges related to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. During a week of activities with guest lectures, workshops, and intensive work in teams, there were finally 3 winners.

Digital Dialogue - (Tunisia) We see the coronavirus as a chance for us to communicate more with our community. Through digitalization and online webinars, we tackled different topics like open market economy, innovation, and tourism after COVID19. We held a series of 10 webinars that were organized with local partners and special guests from Arab countries and from Germany.

Digital Dialogue - (Morocco) Through a series of debates and webinars organized under the theme of "media and human rights," the central focus was on 3 main issues which were: justice, women's rights, and disinformation. The most striking episodes remain the one on violence against women during the period of confinement and the role of the media in consciousness raising.


iValues ReThink Politics in MENA (Regional): the first innovation in politics competition organized by FNF MENA. The competition aims at transforming our values into actions and projects that will help improve politics in the MENA region. The main idea is to encourage our partners and friends in nine countries in the MENA region to innovate and try to find answers for all the questions raised by the current circumstances, such as:
1. Threats against democracy
2. Gaps in the health and education systems
3. Market and economic deficiencies
4. Threats against transparency and good governance