Yahia Shukeir

I am Yahia Shukeir, a Jordanian journalist and media law expert. I earned my Master’s Degree in Law with Distinction in 2012, following a BA in Journalism in 1984. I authored several books on media...

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Hilda Ajeilat

I am Hilda Ajeilat, co-founder of the Jordan Transparency Center (JTC), which is a non-governmental (NGO) and non-profit organization, which was founded in 2011. JTC aims to enhance transparency,...

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Hilda Ajeilat

Jordan: A Crisis for All - A Chance for Everyone

All over the world, governments are currently fighting a fearsome battle. Lives have become physically constrained and more virtual than ever before. The world has become more fragmented and less...

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Wajdi Makhamreh

By way of introduction, my name is Wajdi Makhamreh. I am a capital market and investment banking expert with over 25 years of experience in Jordan and the Middle East. I am also a Board Member of the...

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Wajdi Makhamreh

Opportunities Beyond Corona: Digital Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has been creating challenges to every aspect of the world we know, but has it also led to any new opportunities? Along with Shabab42 and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for...

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Randa Musharbash

My name is Randa Musharbash. I am from Jordan and one of the board members of Freedom Café- FNF, and an IAF Alumni of the 2015 visiting program. As a university instructor and a field researcher in...

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Deema Al-Bakri

I’m Deema Al Bakri, a 25-year-old clinical pharmacist. I am a proud human rights activist where I aim to rise with my society while promoting equality, freedom and secularism. As a young person, I...

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IR Theories in Times of COVID-19

We conquered space. We landed on the moon. We shared satellite pictures from Mars – yet it took a tiny virus to stop the world from moving. Top executives are sent home to work from their...

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Shayar Youssef

Hello, my name is Shayar Youssef, a Junior Project Coordinator at Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) – Jordan Office. I am working on human rights and educational projects. By advancing...

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All eyes on Janna7 project with FNF Tunisia and Libya

 After the Tunisian revolution, the economic situation in the young Tunisian democracy remains problematic. Difficult living conditions and a high employment rate of more than 15% creates an...

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FNF Tunisia