Islam in the West - A Question of Integration and Active Citizenship

Muslim presence in the west is a rising dilemma. The conflict arises from differences between two value references and systems of thought creates hardship for some Muslim immigrants to adapt to a new...

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Islam in the west

"Jordan is the Island for Stability and Tolerance," Alexander Lambsdorff

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and Olaf in der Beek, German politicians of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) and members of the Bundestag, have visited Jordan earlier this week. At the brink of...

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Lambsdorff and Beek with Jordanian Speaker of the Parliament Atef Tarawneh

FNF Amman is Bidding its Old IT Devices

FNF Amman bids its old IT devices for organization and/or individual who would like to buy used devices. The bidden devices are: 4 x Pentium PC; round about 10 years old 4 x LCD Monitors .....

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FNF Amman Inventory

Shabab42 Members Share with BBC News Arabic their Achievements and Dreams

The FNF Amman-supported Jordanian youth group 'Shabab42' has been featured on BBC News Arabic radio channel last Wednesday to 

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Jordanian Youth Group Shabab42

Technical Education and Vocational Training in Jordan

In a public conference aiming to raise awareness about technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Jordan; academia, TVET providers, industrialists, national and international...

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TVET in Jordan

Let's Talk Citizenship!

“Without state, there is no free citizenship… otherwise people’s freedom might have turned into primitivism”. This was the core intellectual framework of FreedomCafé Alumni meeting convened earlier...

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Startup Camp Youth Camp 2019

With the aim to introduce and enhance the entrepreneurial culture among high school, college and university aged students, the Startup Camp Youth Amman (SCYA) was held in Amman, which has become the...

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Jordanian Women for Freedom

Despite the numerous challenges facing Jordanian women to realize their potentials and fulfill their dreams, many chose to use their freedom as a tool to break social and gender stereotypes. In the...

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Jordanian Women For Freedom

New Steps in Enhancing Social and Economic Performance of SMEs in Jordan

The Economic and Social Council in cooperation with Jordan Chamber of Industry with the support of Friedreich Naumann Foundation for Freedom held the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Conference,...

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SMEs Conference 2018 ESC

Access to Information in the Arab World ... Reality and Expectations

Aiming to examine this issue in the Arab region, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has cooperated with its partner Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) to produce a policy...

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Access to Information in the Arab World