FNF Egypt holds first Entrepreneurship Bootcamp with Fekretak Sherketak

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Egypt ended the year on a high note. From December 29th to 31st, the first entrepreneurship bootcamp was conducted together with Fekretak Sherketak; the...

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Egypt Cover Photo

FNF Lebanon and Syria's Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Lebanon and Syria organized the first edition of an innovative forum, aimed at encouraging bright minds and forward thinkers to develop innovative solutions for...

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FFN Maroc holds Innovation Nation Festival 2019

On December 15th, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Rabat, held their Innovation Nation Festival 2019 which combined the latest technology and civic education. Through virtual reality,...

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FFN Maroc

FNF MENA holds Economic Freedom of the Arab World Conference

What relates changes in the Arab World to Economic Freedoms? The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Middle East and North Africa held a conference with experts from the MENA region as well as from abroad...

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FNF Jerusalem's Annual Weekend Seminar to Rahat

FNF Jerusalem conducted the annual weekend study seminar for the members of its ME 2.0 Palestinian-Israeli Young Business Leaders Forum. The bilateral Forum provided a platform for young...

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Cybercrime Laws in the Arab World

In the past few years, numerous countries in the Arab World have enacted or updated existing laws to counter cybercrimes. While such laws are intended to govern and perhaps prevent cybercrimes, they...

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Women Empowerment? ...Hello from the Other Side!

Recently, the news surrounding the freshly elected Finnish Prime Minister has been dominating the media. As the topic of women empowerment is one of my personal and professional topics of interest, I...

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Women Empowerment

Media: A Vice or Virtue in a Radicalized World?

The world we live in is one of extremes... filled with polarization and radicalization. Freedom of expression faces increasing threats and unprecedented challenges worldwide. More than ever before,...

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Nora Bremer's Internship Experience at FNF

Who are you? (Where are you from and what interested you in an internship at FNF MENA?) My name is Nora Bremer, I am 22 years old and from Berlin. I stayed 3.5 month in the Regional Office in Amman....

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Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan's Foreign Policy

Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan's Foreign Policy: Employment, Trade, and International Cooperation DGAP Policy Paper by Sophie Schmid, FNF MENA Regional Project Manager

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