Media: A Vice or Virtue in a Radicalized World?

The world we live in is one of extremes... filled with polarization and radicalization. Freedom of expression faces increasing threats and unprecedented challenges worldwide. More than ever before,...

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Nora Bremer's Internship Experience at FNF

Who are you? (Where are you from and what interested you in an internship at FNF MENA?) My name is Nora Bremer, I am 22 years old and from Berlin. I stayed 3.5 month in the Regional Office in Amman....

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Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan's Foreign Policy

Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan's Foreign Policy: Employment, Trade, and International Cooperation DGAP Policy Paper by Sophie Schmid, FNF MENA Regional Project Manager

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FNF Lebanon and Syria holds Fuck Up Night Beirut Vol. IX

FNF Lebanon and Syria co-organized their ninth volume of Fuckup Night Beirut on Thursday, November 27th, 2019 together with Submarine co-working space. The concept of the event was simple: bringing...

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FNF Fuckup Night Vol.IX


FNF Tunisia and Libya takes part in D66: Covering the climate in the Middle East

Last week, our colleague Hamdi Hached from FNF Tunisia and Libya participated in the D66: Covering the climate in the Middle East Conference in Amsterdam. The conference focused on climate politics,...

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FNF Middle East and North Africa hosts Pizza and Politics Session

Last night, FNF Middle East and North Africa hosted an engaging Pizza and Politics session on “Freedoms in Jordan” with Shabab42, a group of liberal-minded, politically active Jordanian youth. With...

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Pizza and Politics

FNF Jerusalem participates in Hasoub Conference 2019: The Power of Networking

Last week, our colleagues at FNF Jerusalem participated in an exciting conference titled “The Power of Networking” with their new partner, Hasoub. Together with the social venture dedicated to...

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FNF Jerusalem

Islam in the West - A Question of Integration and Active Citizenship

Muslim presence in the west is a rising dilemma. The conflict arises from differences between two value references and systems of thought creates hardship for some Muslim immigrants to adapt to a new...

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Islam in the west

"Jordan is the Island for Stability and Tolerance," Alexander Lambsdorff

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and Olaf in der Beek, German politicians of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) and members of the Bundestag, have visited Jordan earlier this week. At the brink of...

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Lambsdorff and Beek with Jordanian Speaker of the Parliament Atef Tarawneh

FNF Amman is Bidding its Old IT Devices

FNF Amman bids its old IT devices for organization and/or individual who would like to buy used devices. The bidden devices are: 4 x Pentium PC; round about 10 years old 4 x LCD Monitors .....

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FNF Amman Inventory