How to Increase the Freedom of Trade in the Arab Countries?

Economic Freedom of the Arab World Conference 2017
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In November, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (MENA), the International Research Foundation (IRF) of Oman, and the Canadian Fraser Institute (FI) co-organize the Economic Freedon in the Arab World Conference 2017, in cooperation with the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF), Arab Youth Union for Freedom and Democracy (AYUFD), and VVD International. This year, we witness in Tunis, the release of the Economic Freedom in the Arab World: Annual Report 2017which marks the 12th Anniversary of this publication.

Under the theme: How to Increase the Freedom of Trade in the Arab Countries? the event this year is to tackle the development of recommendations for improving SMEs access to world markets and for promoting E-Commerce and digital trade, with focus on means of maximizing competition, productivity and innovation as tool to reduce poverty.

The two-day conference is to gather experts in the field of market economy, along with creative entrepreneurs and senior politicians from all over the Arab world in Tunis, Tunisia to outline means to achieve lower barriers on freedom of goods, services, capitals and employment. Participants will discuss important recommendations, necessary legislations and policies to promote freedom of trade in the Arab world.

Dr. Rene Klaff

This annual report is our timely reminder of the importance of real reforms for increasing economic freedom and prosperity throughout the Arab region

Dr. René Klaff Head of Regional Office Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Stay tuned for the agenda, upcoming news and live coverage from the conference.