Ulrich Niemann Accompanies the German Federal President on a Middle East Trip

German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has recently completed his state visits to Jordan and Lebanon. He was, among others, accompanied by a delegation of the German political foundations.

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A Balance of Giving and Taking?

The Facebook Journalism Project is the social networks’ attempt of “being more proactive in working with journalists”, explains Fares Akkad. Through the creation of new tools, story-telling formats,...

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facebook mada

What about Freedom of Trade in the Arab World?

For the first time, participants from different backgrounds like liberal politics or civil society actors (members of ALF) worked together with experts, economic scientists and entrepreneurs to come-...

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Don’t miss out on innovation

Instead of finishing his degree in IT engineering at Damascus University, 25-year-old Ayham* fled Syria with his family to Lebanon in 2012. At first, he worked on a banana plantation, then as a...

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Entrepreneurship Lebanon and Syria

Terrorism as a Political Ideology - Antithesis of Liberalism

One problem in finding a definition for the political ideology of terrorism lies in the various interpretations of the concept of political ideology itself. These are strongly dependent on political...

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Confronting Fundamentalism

Arab liberal forces, in this first decade of the twenty-first century, have a historical opportunity to grow and flourish. One of the most difficult challenges they face, however, is the need to...

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fundamentalism in Islam

Joint Statement between NAL and ELDR on Migration

We, Liberals from Europe and the Arab world,     •   Sharing liberal values of Equality, Respect for Human Rights, Democracy and common humanity;      •   Having realized the shared concerns and the...

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